Operations And Management
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LGICT is part of ICTSI's short-medium term plan to expand its flagship Manila International Container Terminal (MICT). As the country's sole dedicated container terminal and leading international trading gateway, MICT's annual throughput is about to reach two million 20-foot equivalent units (TEU). The ICD effectively increases MICT's yard capacity by 10 percent, which translates to an additional 250,000 TEUs annually.


With expertise on yard operations and strong partnerships with all the four major investors, NCT Transnational Corp. (NCTTC), was tapped to head start the operations for LGICT. Since January 2015, NCTTC was at the forefront of all pre-operational activities as it supports and aids LGICT’s needs for manpower and yard facilitation. Continuing its support, NCTTC is currently having a number of employees running as frontlines and key process owners for all LGICT operational activities. To date, LGICT works hand-in-hand with NCT Transnational Corp. through an Operational and Management Agreement as it fulfils its goal of becoming the first one-stop inland container terminal (ICT) in the country. 

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