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Building Years

In 1997, a joint venture between Nippon Container Terminals Co. Ltd. (Japan) and Transnational Diversified Group (TDG) began dawning the start of NCT Transnational Corp. which then hold the name Transnational All Transport Services, Corp. (TATSCOR). During that time, it solely manages NYK Trucking and Chassis Leasing Operations.  On the 17th of July of the same year, the name Transnational All Transport Services, Corp. (TATSCOR) was formally amended and the company formally held the name NCT Transnational Corp.

Evolving Year

Year 1999 marks the start of the bold voyage for a big business ambition. From merely a Trucking business and a company that manages NYK Chassis, the company started its own Container Depot. The Container Depot Operations aims to service the maintenance of NYK containers as well as its handling equipment and port facilities.  Also in the same year, NCT acquired all NYK chassis units and started its own Chassis Leasing Business. 

Year 2002, it ventured to another business which is the Car Carrier Operations. The company has sustained it with NTVLI, a TDG Member Company. During these years, the company handled the transport of cars from PDI facilities to the dealers. 

In the year 2008, NCT Transnational Corp. made a bold move by consolidating all its services into one new yard. Here, NCT Transnational Corp. became a ONE STOP SHOP. This marked the evolution of its core business which is the CY Operations. 

Sustaining Years

In 2009, NCT Transnational Corp. started to transform itself. The company’s quest was shifted to its sustenance and decided to concentrate on what it does best, thus, divest the car carrier business to other business units.

Knowing its expertise in its core businesses, NCT Transnational Corp. opened its door to other shipping lines. This marked the entrance of UNISHIP Group starting with Sinotrans, Vega and ML Lines. In 2012, NCT Transnational Corp. continued to expand its services to other clients such as Hapag-Lloyd and Waterfront.

With the aim to be the leading container depot in the country, NCT Transnational Corp. downsized it trucking operations in 2013. The company realized that its core competency is the Container Yard Operations.
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