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NCT Transnational Corp. was established as a fully-owned subsidiary of TDC on 27 June 1989 (with a former corporate name of Transnational Shipping Services Inc.) to render services such as chassis management and truck leasing solely for NYK Shipping Lines. The corporate name was then changed to Transnational All Transport Services Corp. (TATSCOR) on 15 April 1996. On 17 July 1997, TATSCOR became a Joint Venture partnership between the Nippon Container Terminal Co. Ltd. Japan and TDC where it added a license to operate not only as a transport service provider but also as an operator of container depots. During that time, NCTTC managed NYK’s Chassis Leasing and Trucking Operations.  In May 1999, the joint venture was then revised adding NYK Fil-Japan Shipping Corp. as a shareholder of the company.

Year 1999 marked the evolution of NCTTC from a mere transport support service provider for NYK to the expansion of its business in Container Depot Operations. It was also during this time that NCTTC acquired all NYK Chassis Units and started its own Chassis Leasing Operation. These changes were primarily made to aid and serve NYK’s need for container maintenance, equipment handling and port facilitation.  Having expanded its business, NCTTC was then able to render quality service to NYK for its transport and container maintenance requirements. NCTTC further ventured to other businesses in 2002 as it partnered with NYK-TDG Vehicle Logistics Inc. (NTVLI), another Member Company now NYK Auto Logistics (Philippines), Inc. into Car Carrier Operations where NCTTC handled the transport of cars from PDI facilities to the dealers.

Venturing to a number of businesses paved the way for NCTTC to realize its strengths which then led to a gradual change on its business model. NCTTC bravely started changing its business model in 2009, when it decided to divest its Car Carrier Operations to other business units followed by the closing of its Trucking Operations in June 2013. These were bold decisions which NCTTC believed has benefited it in terms of sustaining its core and strong businesses which are Container Operations and Chassis Leasing. The divestment of NCTTC’s operations in Car Carrier and Trucking and the shift of its focus on Container and Chassis Operations resulted to higher revenues and lower expenses for maintenance and others that were present in the past.

Sustaining and concentrating on its core businesses led NCTTC to market itself and render quality service to other Shipping Lines such as the Uniship Group and Waterfront for its container services and other SMEs for its chassis leasing business while keeping NYK as its primary customer. Today, NCTTC thrives to become the leading Container and Transport Logistics companies in the Philippines.
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